Website Advertising

Website Advertising

Through WEB ADS, you will be able to get the attention of store buyers when they are in the process of ordering. The buyers love web ads because they can click, read and then in seconds either order the item, add it to their next order or put it on their “Wish List.” Add Enhanced Product Detail Pages and you will be able to present much more information about specific products than you can with print ads. These may include embedded audio and video! More information...

As with all ads, we encourage you to also offer special discounts. More information...

Click the images below to view their dimensions.

How Ads Work

Ads rotate per visit based on the number of ads in rotation for that page. The minimum duration of an Ad will be for a period of 1 month. Ads start running at 8am and the 1st day of the month requested and stop on 1st of the next month(s) at 7:59am Eastern.
Ad Type 1 Period 2 Periods 3-5 periods 6 or more Periods
Banner $250 $237.50 $225 $200
Triple Deep $175 $166.25 $157.50 $140
Double Wide $150 $142.50 $135 $125
Double Deep $150 $142.50 $135 $120
Small $75 $71.25 $67.50 $60
Page Details Ad Type Ad Size (Pixels) Ads on Page Max Ads in Rotation # Exposures per Period Run Period
PUBLIC HOME PAGE Banner 800 x 112 1 5 7,100 1 month
Triple Deep 160 x 240 1 5 7,100 1 month
Double Wide 300 x 80 4 5 7,100 1 month
Double Deep 160 x 160 2 5 7,100 1 month
Small 160 x 80 2 5 7,100 1 month
LOG-IN PAGE Banner 800 x 112 1 5 388 1 month
Triple Deep 160 x 240 1 5 388 1 month
Double Deep 160 x 160 2 5 388 1 month
Small 160 x 80 3 7 276 1 month
Banner 800 x 112 1 5 412 1 month
Triple Deep 160 x 240 1 5 412 1 month
Double Deep 160 x 160 1 5 412 1 month
Small 160 x 80 5 7 194 1 month

Click the images below to view their dimensions.

Web Special Ads

Here's what you get:

  • A thumbnail image of your new title/product displayed in a carousel ad for one month. See below for sample image or go to
  • This carousel displayed prominently on the public home page and the logged in home page, as well as the relevant master
  • catalog page. This is a great opportunity for multiple exposures.
  • Carousel ad has hover capability to display key product details such as title, ISBN and retail price.
  • Clicking the image of your title/product on the carousel takes the customer to your detail page from which they can order when logged in.
  • A link under the ad takes customers to the complete list of all titles/products on web special, along with product details. Customers viewing the carousel ad from the logged in home page will be able to order with only one more click.
  • In order to generate interest and encourage retailers to stock your title, New Leaf will offer your books/products to retailers in an Introductory Special for the same month that the carousel ad runs. To make this possible, you provide an extra 10% off of the cost of goods for the first month, and in exchange New Leaf passes a discount to the retailer for that same period
  • This promotion costs $50 per title/product. You will be able reach our entire customer base with information specific to your titles/products. We offer the following frequency discounts as well: 2 Web Specials = $40 each 3 Web Specials = $35 each 4 Web Specials = $30 each To order this promotion, please fill out the Web Special insertion order form (which can be downloaded at www.newleafvendors. com) and return it to Please contact your buyer for further details or for any questions you may have about promoting your titles/products through New Leaf.

    Insertion Orders/Payment/Billing

    IMPORTANT: You must submit an insertion order for each ad placement.

    Payment for advertising is due with the insertion order and may be made by check, credit card (MasterCard or Visa), Co-op contract or by deduction from your New Leaf vendor account if the balance due you exceeds the charges for your ad (requires approval). Co-op contracts are invoiced at publication with payment due within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. We reserve the right to refuse ads that do not meet our specification.

    Have New Leaf's design team create your Ad. More information...

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