New Title/Product Submission Guide

Annual Advertising and Promotion Requirements

Advertising and promotion are important. Without them, your titles/products are lost among the tens of thousands of titles that are published in our niche each year. Advertising and promotion bring yours title/products front and center for our store customers, building awareness and interest that yields sales. With shelf space in the stores at a premium, advertising and promotion help you get the best possible placement for your titles/products.

Every vendor must meet at least a minimum advertising and promotion threshold per year (3% of previous year's sales or $130, whichever is greater). To determine the amount of your advertising minimum, please go to our new vendor portal at Account Management Portal, enter your user name and password, and follow the links to the calculator. If you don't have your user name and password, email, and we will provide that information to you.

While you are on the Account Management Portal, please check out our new Enhanced Product Details service and consider signing up. This service is free.

New Vendors

The minimum requirement is purchase of the Initiation Package (see below), but you may upgrade to any of the optional packages if you prefer. Also, take a look at our many other advertising options so that you can put together an advertising plan for the year (highly recommended). Ad Overview

Initiation Package: $350 ($635 value, ad design not included).
At minimum, Publisher/Vendor must participate in the Initiation Package for new titles and products.
This package includes and introductory special and the following types of advertising:

   Introductory Special: In order to generate interest and encourage retailer stores to stock your titles/products, New Leaf will offer your titles/products in an Introductory Special for the first month. You provide an extra 10% off of the cost of goods for the one month, and New Leaf passes a 45% discount off of retail to our store customers for that same month.
   Inclusion in web special with two carousel ads to appear on public home page, logged in home page and relevant subject category page, as well as a product detail page for all web specials
   Inclusion in Updates End Cap, which features new titles and products in an attractive and affordable format
   One half page color ad in the Introductory Specials Section of an issue of New Leaves Monthly Update
   Inclusion in Enhanced Product Details Program
   Inclusion in Introductory Specials Section on website
   Ongoing basic product description page on New Leaf's wholesale website which includes image and description

  NOTE: 3 to 10 products will cost $10 more per prod. Enhanced Promotional Packages: In addition to or instead of the Initiation Package Promotional described above, you may select one of the following packages for promoting your books/products.

Please review our Introductory Advertising and Promotion Packages for details about the various Introductory Promotional Packages that we offer to promote all new acquisitions.

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