Data Maintenance Fees

Data Maintenance Fees

Submission Requirements

New Leaf charges Database Maintenance Fees to all vendors who do not meet their yearly minimum advertising and promotion requirement. Data Maintenance Fees help to defray the cost of upgrading and maintaining the database through which your products are made available to our retail accounts. You will be exempt from Data Maintenance Fees if we receive an Ad Insertion Order Contract from you by the Annual Ad Deadline in January each year.

Important note: Your Ad Insertion Order Contract must meet or exceed your minimum advertising requirement in order to exempt you from Data Maintenance Fees. For information about how to determine your ad minimum, go to Annual Advertising Requirements

How to determine your Database Listing Fees

Database Listing Fees are assessed only on active titles/products according to the following rates:

  • $130 Database Listing Fee per year for 1 title/product.
  • $5 for each additional title/product.
  • Who to Contact

    For additional questions about Data Maintenance Fees, contact your buyer at:

    For other questions about this policy or for additional assistance in advertising through New Leaf, please contact our Advertising and Promotions Specialist:

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