Promotion Through New Leaf

Promotion through New Leaf, Promotional Contracts

In addition to advertising, New Leaf offers the opportunity for vendors to promote their products to our customers with special incentives and discount programs. These may include packages that require a vendor to give New Leaf a discount on a product buy which is then passed on to the stores.

Special Discounts

Special Discounts are an added way to get attention for your titles or products. Buyers have limited budgets and space for adding fresh inventory, and they always look at what's on special first so running specials gives you an edge. Linking ads to specials supercharges your ads!

  • An introductory special is the best way to promote any new title or product.
  • Specials are a great way to breathe life back into older products.
  • HOW IT WORKS: You allow New Leaf an extra 10% or more off of the cost of goods for the month in which the special runs, and in exchange New Leaf passes a 44% discount or more off of retail to the retailers for that same period.

    Featured Publisher, Label or Product Line

    This program is for vendors with an established brand or who are seeking to establish their brand and is by invitation. To be considered, please contact your buyer.

    Vendors who participate in the program will:

  • Allow New Leaf an additional 10% or more off of normal cost. For vendors who are paid on invoice, New Leaf will be allowed the additional discount on one order prior to the sale and for one restocking order during the sale period to avoid out of stocks. For vendors who are paid on consignment, a chargeback will be generated for products sold during the period their promotion is active.
  • Receive a special rate of $500 for the inside front cover of New Leaves. This ad will highlight selected titles or products that are on special. If you wish to do a 2-page spread inside front cover and first page, you will receive a special rate of $850. The Featured Publisher ad will continue to be on the inside front cover of the publication. Additional charges will apply for New Leaf to design your ad.
  • E-flyer of the Featured Publisher Ad
  • Telephone sales of the promotion while orders are being taken
  • Featured Vendor button on web site, enabling visitors to click through to shop their entire backlist catalog while on special
  • Mention on the cover of New Leaves catalog “See inside...”
  • E-Leaves announcement of the promotion
  • Discounts on add-on advertisements: Web Site Ad: Full Banner ad - $100 Triple Deep - $75 Double Deep - $50 Small - $25 E-Leaves Ad: Top Banner - $100 Bottom banner - $85 Sidebar3 - $75 Sidebar2 - $65 Sidebar1 - $50 Additional Page in catalog: $350 Additional e-Flyer blast: $65
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